New trend spotted: Crazy earings

Recently I am seeing a lot of new crazy jewelry out there. Especially in the earrings department, they are becoming longer, bigger and more eccentric. Here are some of the really innovative pieces that I found:

Designer: Laura Kranitz
1st pic: long silver chain earrings with multiple feathers. measures roughly 16" in length.
2nd pic: Handmade feather earrings with base wrapped in leather, can be worn as a pair or wear just one.

Designer: Bijules

Those crazy colorful earrings, believe it or not, are made with some real human hair. The hair is dyed in different colors. This creates a Hairring!
Their price: $260

Designed by Han Cholo this snake shape earpiece is crafted to be worn around the ear. The piece creates a new category of jewelry, an innovative departure from a standard earring.

Designer: Dechel

Single strand earring with 5 connecting chain and fish hook at end. measures roughly 14" long.

Last but not least

Funny cigarettes earings by Miss Wax

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