Merry Christmukkah ❤

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have been spoiled by Santa and that you all ate til you passed out. My Christmas was full of adventures. It all started with the oysters, that WE had to open, (FYI: we had never opened oysters in our entire life) and let me tell you it was fucking hard and yes there was blood ! But Sarah proved herself to be the master in oyster opening. So thank you Sarah, you made my christmas. Since my family dumped me to spend the holidays in Tahiti, and since all of my friends were spending the night with their families, I found myself spending christmas with my 2 jewish friends (Abi and Sarah) and it was awesome! We had the best meal ever even though I ate the fois gras, the oysters and the shrimp by myself because all they could eat was the smoked salmon. Later, some friends came over and after a few drinks we decided to head to Hollywood to see what was going on and to show the dancefloor some action. I was kind of scared the clubs were gonna be empty but it actually wasn't bad for a christmas eve because it was surprisingly pretty packed. We first went to Wonderland and at 2 am the club closed but we still wanted to party so we went to this other club called Playhouse (aka Tunaland last night), and unfortunately it was full of creepers and weirdos so we decided to leave and do something else. We desperately looked for an after party but in vain so we headed home. Sarah and I opened our little gifts that were sitting under the non existant Christmas tree and finally went to bed at 6 in the morning. So yea my Christmas was very atypical but reallyyy fun.


And here's my gift to you guys, haha:

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