So yesterday I visited The Getty Villa in Malibu because I had to write an essay for school. The beginning of the day was nice, but the rest was hell. I had to work on my finals and paper all day. I finished working at 3:40 am !! so I go to sleep and 20 minutes later an  earthquake woke me up...I was scared but so tired all I thought about was let it not be the big one cuz I really don't wanna come out of bed right now..but it wasn't thank god ! But what's really weird is that I read on the earthquake website that it was magnitude 4.4 and it happenned at 4:04 am !! Isn't that really weird and creepy ??? Look it up yourself. Anyways I had 2 finals today, 2 more to go and then SPRING BREAK starts, direction Miami! oh yeaah !  

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