Miami Adventures # 1


The view from our room at The Shore Club


Arrived at 4pm in Miami. Never been so excited. Took a cab. Discovered our room on the 1st floor with no view. Complained. Changed room. Got a way nicer room with a way nicer view. Happier now. had some bomb greek food. admired the sunset. Back to the Hotel. Got ready. Pregamed. Drank some Patron in a hotel room. Took pictures. Drank some more. Headed to Mansion to see Wolgang Gartner, Mstrkrft and Benny Benassi. Got there too late. Asked Laidback Luke to get us in. Missed Wolfgang. Disappointed by Mstrkrft and Benassi.. After partied till 6am in another hotel room. Went back to the hotel. Good Night. xxx

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