Paris Travel Diary**

Another lovely day in Paris. Breakfast at Cafe De Flore and afternoon in Montmartre where we saw the Dali Exhibit. Everytime I go to Paris, I usually make a quick trip up Montmartre because the view is just breathtaking each and everytime.. 


  1. Hey there ! First I gotta say I'm in love with your blog, instagram AND tumblr hahaha I really like the pictures, the destinations you chose. You should be really proud.
    I'm from Argentina and I'm planning a 2 month trip to Paris and London (I'm only gonna stay 5 days in London). Since you've travel so much I'd really like to know if you've made a post in the past about places to visit there, or food recoms or anything that would be helpful for someone who's going there.
    Hope you have ! xo-