Paris Food Diary

1. Dinner at Fauchon place de la Madeleine

2. Indian Food @ Pooja dans le sentier

3. Cobb Salad and Veggie burger at Le Ralph's in St Germain

4. Gambas with Mayo in a Tapas bar in Le Marais

5. The famous Mac Ferdi with its french Fries and the deserts: Baba au Rhum and nutella waffle at Ferdi in the 8th

 6. Tuna and Tomato Tartine at Le Bar de La croix rouge in Saint Germain

7. Oysters at Marius et Janette, Avenue Georges V in the 8th

8. Norvegian eggs benedict at Coco&Co in St Germain

9.  Dont remember the name of this one

10. Dinner between tahitians at my friend Charles place

11. Steak tartare at Le Castiglione

12. Champagne at the Scribe hotel

13. Really pretty fruits at Hediard

 14. Bomb Sunday brunch at my fabulous friend Tsan's house

15. At La Cuisine at Hotel Royal Monceau

So here is some of the food I had the pleasure and the chance to stuff my face with while I was in Paris, 
so deliciouuus! nothing beats french food...

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