waiting at the airport.. 
And finally we are here...
Hitting the town, an hour after touching down. Heading out to Weekend...
Sunset view from Weekend
Ended up at the one and only club Der Vision√§re

Second day in the city... 2 hours cab wait on a day of fashion week. #Fail

Went to this parc, cant remember the name though

Taking Mikito out for a real juicy burger...

Another night out...

Morning After... coffee is essential.

Kater Holzig..love that place. Once you're inside, it's very hard to leave.

Preparing the bombest dinner..
Exiting the legendary Berghain.. Moufasa and his cubs. 
The crew after Damian's amazing set at Panorama bar...and we're out.

Left some traces at Wilde Renate
Why not meditate while you wait for your metro.
Fig pasta...all I can say is It looks better than it tastes. 
The crew taking Mikito on an early morning walk

Serious afternoon munchies sesh at Princess Cheescake.

Boys in the kitchen, yes please. 

Beats and Boats party or one of the funniest day of my life. Enough said.
Landed safely after the craziest ride..

Last hours in town, almost time to leave for Mallorca...so sad to leave. 
Woke up at 6am to go see Ricardo Villalobos's set at Watergate...troopers.
Thanks to everyone who took such good care of us... you know who you are. 
Bye Bye Berlin, once again it was a pleasure, Until next year.

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