My Europe Adventures continued...
Randomly decided to go to Palma de Mallorca, after our trip to Berlin.. We wanted to relax somewhere hot and nice and just do nothing. We stayed there 6 days and just chillllllled all week, didn't even wanna try to go out after the most amazing week in Berlin, we knew that the nightlife would just be disappointing here... so instead we got into beach bum mode, rented a car and drove to a different beach everyday. Luckily one of our friend from Tahiti lived there so he showed us a really good time, one day in Alcudia. Mallorca is great but you gotta find the not too touristy spots, which is hard, because otherwise it's not so fun.. Mallorca is full of English and German tourists for some reason. Anyways we had a great time detoxing, cliff jumping, eating bomb sea-food, watching the craziest sunset etc,... After that we went back to our starting point, Barcelona. 

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