Fading Nights

As summer has begun to sneak up on us early, it’s with great pleasure that we are able to accompany your sunny days with a release on Délicieuse Records,  up-an-coming German electronic music producer Nicolas Janco, a.k.a. Parra for Cuva, is releasing a brand new EP which features collaborations with Mr. Gramo and vocalist Anna Naklab. This delicious EP is to be savored in three parts, Fading Nights is the perfect balance between ambient, deep house, minimal and synch pop. Naklab’s majestic and heartfelt vocals add the perfect amount of powerful emotion to these ooey gooey melodies. The duo creates a thrilling sensation which sends us further into the depths of our imagination...enjoy!

These subliminal compositions are currently available for download on the following digital platforms:

        image                  image

A forthcoming EP of remixes are in the works and will be out soon!

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