Siam Reap Part II

Here are the rest of my pictures from my trip to Siam Reap, the first part is our visit to the Cambodian floating village, Kompong Phluk, which was awesome, the road to get there is long and beautiful, don't forget to bring a dust mask! It's so worth it, there is not a lot of tourist at all, at least at the time we went... Back to the city we decided to see an Apsara dance show, the local dance and I do not recommend it, it was very boring and touristy...  The next day we explored 3 more temples, and hiked to this amazing waterfalls with carved rocks, this was definitely one of the most magical experience, and we were the only one there which made it even better ! The place is called Kbal Spean. Millions of butterflies, hundreds of tree species with huge and twisted roots are the things you will see along the hike before getting there.  it is so peaceful, we could have stayed all day there... Blessed to have visited this beautiful country, the people were so nice and funny, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere is different than anything I've felt before! If you ever get the occasion to visit Cambodia, jump on it ! 


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