After Siem Reap we traveled to the South of Cambodia, to Sihanoukville a small beach town. We were surprised by how the beauty of the beaches, I would have never thought that about Cambodia. The water was almost crystal clear, and the part we stayed at wasn't so touristy which was nice. We set up camp on Otres Beach, and just relaxed from our busy days in Siem Reap. Stayed at Orchid bungalows, and spent our days at OC beach club, very good food and cocktails. Also make sure to walk to Otres beach II and past it, its a very nice walk... or even stay there if you want to be more secluded, it is a little smaller than Otres Beach I.  Every Saturday they have a hippie market set up on a pond, where they have little vendors of all kinds of things, food and drinks and live music, very entertaining, sort of a mini Cambodian festival in the middle of nowhere, you must check it out!  After our lazy days, we went back to Siem Reap to explore more because we didn't get our fix the first time ! Post coming soon... 


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